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Scarborough, A Little Taste (SALT, for short) is a mobile resource designed to provide an introduction to selected notable food cuisines of Scarborough, Ontario.

Scarborough is home to a wide variety of small, vibrant restaurants that offer authentic tasty dishes from around the world. The region is home to some of Ontario’s most varied cuisine, drawing from its multi-cultural roots of Chinese, South Asian, Malaysian, Caribbean, and Filipino communities, among others.

Who Are We?

SALT content is maintained by the Culinaria Research Centre at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and offered free to the public.

SALT was developed at The Hub at the University of Toronto Scarborough, under the direction of Gray Graffam.

We acknowledge the generous funding support from the Canada Research Chair Program.

We thank Paul Kirow for an exceptional front-end design and the programming of the SALT site, and we thank Matt Olan for his excellence in strategic planning and programming of the backend database. We also thank Adrian De Leon for superb writing, and excellence in leading the team of content writers.

Chief architects:

  • Gray Graffam
  • Dan Bender
  • Rick Halpern


  • Paul Kirow
  • Matt Olan
  • William Mak

Content Development Manager:

  • Adrian De Leon

Content Developers:

  • Fateha Hossain
  • Katie Konstantopoulos
  • Monika Chmielewska
  • Glen Orila-Reid

Field Research Assistants:

  • Hassan Mohamud
  • Ling Lam
  • Robyn Chan
  • Daniela Spagnuolo
  • Daniella Naumovski
  • Nicolle Gaspar