Xinjiang  Lamb Dumplings

Xinjiang Lamb Dumplings

Biting into these delicate steamed pockets, some have said, displaces every expectation you might have of where to locate a Chinese dumpling. The wrapping is sturdier and not folded with twists or pot sticker crescents, but instead like hefty houses. Its filling is a real journey: lamb perfumed with cumin and coriander, with an irresistibly rich and explosive broth. For a brief moment, this bite might take your taste buds to fleeting scenes of India, or Central Asia, or Arabia, or the Silk Road that once spanned the Eurasian continent.

Lamb dumplings, in every bite, echo stories of mobility that span hundreds of years and thousands of miles. Some of these stories take the foods and peoples of Xinjiang to Scarborough and its Chinatown, as well as its borders with nearby Markham. 

Xinjiang Lamb Dumplings

There are a great many ways to make this dish; the video above is simply one version. If you search YouTube, you may find several from which to choose.

Restaurants with xinjiang lamb dumplings

Dumpling King
place 3290 Midland Ave, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.321.0888
av_timer Hours: Tuesday 11:00:00 to 23:00:00
star_rate Rating: 4.20
web Visit Their Site
New Northern Dumplings
place 633 Silver Star Blvd, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 426.321.2289
av_timer Hours: Tuesday 11:30:00 to 22:30:00
star_rate Rating: 3.90