Vindaloo isn’t just an exceptionally spicy curry; it expresses story, like language. Depending on who you’re talking to, and where you’re talking about it, vindaloo could mean different things. Vindaloo also tells stories--of world travel, of migration, of religion, and of empire.

In Goa, where this dish is from, the hands of cooks, present and past, transformed Portuguese pork marinated in wine and garlic into the beloved curry, simmered in palm vinegar and choice chilies. Outside of Goa, in the hands of Hindu and Muslim cooks, other meats are used, like lamb and chicken.

In England, imperial taste buds burst into flame with how they imagined the spices of the Indian tropics. Anglo-Indian vindaloo became a way of saying, “the spiciest curry you have”--for whomever wants to prove to be the most macho of their dinner night bunch. Vinegar sparrs with sugar and ginger, bowing to the strength of copious chilies and spices, soaking into the meat overnight, ready to brawl with diners’ tastes.

In Scarborough, we need not choose any single expression of vindaloo. Thanks to our diverse communities and their culinary tenacity so far from home, we can try them all.


There are a great many ways to make this dish; the video above is simply one version. If you search YouTube, you may find several from which to choose.

Restaurants with vindaloo

Bombay Buffet Palace
place 795 Markham Rd, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.431.5577
star_rate Rating: 2.00
Kairali - Taste of Kerala
place 1210 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.909.0994
av_timer Hours: Tuesday 11:30:00 to 22:30:00
star_rate Rating: 3.50
web Visit Their Site
place 1225 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.701.0003
star_rate Rating: 3.80
web Visit Their Site
Tanjore Catering
place 3480 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.438.8274
star_rate Rating: 4.00
place 2891 Kingston Rd, Scarborough
local_phone Phone: 416.901.1133
av_timer Hours: Tuesday 14:00:00 to 22:00:00
star_rate Rating: 4.40
web Visit Their Site