For the Caribbean diaspora, food came to be understood as a marker of identity. It was their cuisine of their home islands that they missed most and did their best to replicate in new surroundings.

Scarborough’s Caribbean dine-outs offer a cuisine that accents heat, savory and sweetness with iconic items such as Jamaican patties, jerk chicken, and curry goat, including flaked pastries or soft airy breads and rotis prepared as a side; or even better served stuffed with a filling (known as doubles). A profusion of spices, among beneficial proteins like seafood and mixture of beans, and the abundance of fruits (papaya, avocado, and pineapple) and vegetables (okra, zucchini, squash, and bok choy) combinations offer something for everyone.

The styles of cooking meat (goat, chicken, pork, and beef) range hugely from a hearty stews to dripping roasts to fiery grills. They can aso be smoked or fried till perfection, absorbing the abundance of flavors – try looking for BBQ events for an added summer delight.


Ackee and Saltfish

Few things evoke the shores and flora of Jamaica than this silky smooth dish.

Tender salted cod from the shores of the Americas meets the pillowy yellow flesh of the ackee fruit, brought from West Africa centuries ago, taking root ... View More or Locate

Curry and Roti

The magnum opus of Global South Asia in the Caribbean. 

While roti can be torn up to scoop up saucy dishes by hand, in the Caribbean roti also appears as street food. It envelops any combinations of curries of potatoes, other vegetables, ... View More or Locate


Sizzle of bara dough in hot oils. Moist and fragrant channa chickpeas. Biting tang of chutney. Crunch of julienned cucumbers.

Slight pepper.

In the swift hands of the doubles cart vendor, assembly and wrapping of this Trinidadian breakfast street food ... View More or Locate


Like big golden medallions, saltfish fritters line Scarborough’s Caribbean counter-service food stores, steaming fresh out of the fryer. They’re one of our city’s quickest hunger picker-uppers, ready for take-out to eat on the road, down the street, or save for ... View More or Locate


Wafts of fried dough and curries, and thumping soca music, welcome you behind the door of many Trinidadian food stores in Scarborough. While an extensive menu tempts you with the establishment’s wares, your eyes wander to find crispy pholouries at ... View More or Locate



Family-owned restaurants pop in and out of the Scarborough Caribbean community like the sizzle of oil on fresh dumplings during Festival time.

Buttery doughs, spiced meats, light fish, and curried vegetables accompany a history of creolization within the Caribbean islands.

Here, your local take-out spot serves as a quick stop where large styrofoam containers filled with ackee and saltfish or curry and roti are packed and wrapped for waiting families. Try snacking on street foods like patties, doubles, and pholouries to curb the hunger while waiting for the notoriously unpunctual TTC on your way home.



Long named the West Indies, the Caribbean is a region of islands nations nestled in the Caribbean Sea basin arching from the Gulf of Mexico to the North of South America. The current Caribbean cuisine reflects a colonial history left from European settlers, Asian servants, seized African labourers and the Indigenous people united in one regional area.

As a result, methods of food preparations shows a mixture of cultures and ingredients that swayed the Caribbean cuisine and created a global kitchen.

Throughout most of the 20th century many countries achieved independence from their colonial rulers, a new wave of migration by the Caribbean diaspora ameliorated cultural centers in other countries like Canada.

The Caribbean community in Scarborough caters food culture prominent from Trinidad (roti and doubles) and Jamaica (patties and stews), including Rastafarian meals with soy protein meat substitutes (vegan option).